Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays &
Happy New Year from
our family to yours!


The boys had their visit with Santa this past Friday and they gave them their wish lists and posed for a picture. Aidan did not want to go see him but after a long discussion I finally "nagged" him enough to get up there. I was pretty happy with how the pictured turned out.
We put up our Christmas tree today - took a long time but it looks great. Finally getting into the Christmas spirit!
Well seems like our warm weather is fading and winter is finally arriving. The wind is freezing and looks like sleet and snow on the way. I guess we knew it couldn't last forever! We had parent-teacher interviews last week and the boys both seem to be doing very well so far. The teachers really enjoy them and their work is great. It is so neat seeing Nicolas start to read and Aidan is such a whiz with the math. Tomorrow the boys are going for hair cuts and then it is off for a visit with Santa. Decided to do it early this year rather then waiting for the last minute. They have another in service from school tomorrow. Watched Survivor tonight and we were all cheering at the results, finally getting into the show! Trying to decide what to do with my Sizzix Machine and Alphabet dies right now. I would really like to sell them so I could invest in a cricut machine. Not sure if I should go through ebay or see if any friends would like to buy it? Will have to see if there is any interest out there! Well that is our life - school, work, TV, basketball, and just general running around! Have a great day! Here is my new favorite layout!

For my DAD

Here is a picture of the boys this morning.........
And look what we got.....
We went to Winnipeg last weekend to celebrate Mikes Moms' 60th Birthday and his Grandma's 90th! We were also able to sneak in a bit of Christmas shopping. You would have thought it was the week before Christmas rather then the first weekend of November, the stores were crazy! We were able to get a few gifts and had a great celebratory Birthday dinner at Olive Garden. The weekend passed by fast!
This is what I made for the Birthday girls.

Halloween is Over

Well another Halloween has come and gone and what do we have to show for it....CANDY! So much candy that it will probably last until Easter. I guess because it was so cold here and less kids around people were like us and handing out handfuls of candy rather then a few pieces. The boys had an awesome day, parties at school and trick or treating with their friends. To bad though it was so cold and there was snow on the ground. So now it is time to get ready for Christmas!!!!

My Favorite things...

Some of my favorite things right now are:
My new scrapbook room - it is beautiful!
Watching the kids at swimming lessons.
Ipod - who knew these were so cool?? Obviously not me!
Wok Bok, so yummy!!!!!
Grey's Anatomy, well it has been on my list for a while. (and will likely stay for a long time)
My new haircut.
Yogurt - french vanilla!
Diet Caffeine free Coke.

Back from weekend!

What an awesome scrap filled weekend I had! WHEW!!! I am completely exhausted, but in a good way! I met some awesome people, scrapped and laughed a lot! The food at the crop was amazing and I was so fortunate that our crop host opened her home to me! (more money to spend on scrapping and less on a hotel - always a good thing!) So I completed 6 layouts, did a great Make N' Take and took an fantastic class where I finally got the whole mod podge thing! The best thing about a crop - being with other people that share the same passion for scrapbooking. I was struggling with this layout (above) and Corrine walked by my table and helped me! I was so happy for the input and the results of the layout! Thanks Corrine. Big thanks to Lori, Paul, Chantel, Bonnie, Sandy & Zero!!! They worked so very hard to make the weekend fun for all of us and they did an awesome job!!!! Posted by Picasa

Hair Cut, Trampoline & Swimming

Been an eventful week around here - well eventful for us! I cut my hair really short! It helped that my hairdresser had hers completely shaved, made mine seem less dramatic! (she shaved hers for charity) I am really liking my new do - and no complaints from the family so all is well. The boys began swimming lessons this week, they are really happy to be back in the pool! Aidan is a little sad that he is in a class with all girls though! Poor boy! Last night while at a friends house Aidan fell off their trampoline, on to cement! They had a protective net - leave it to my kid to fall through a small slit!!! He is pretty sore today so he is home from school with me, hopefully he will heal quickly. I am leaving for my crop tomorrow and so excited - I do fear that I will get there and get scrappers block though! I must try and relax and go with the flow!
Thanksgiving is over and my parents have left - very sad! Time goes so fast and you do not realize until it is much to late. The weather has turned from a nice fall to cold & blustery, not fun. So excited about a crop I am going to next weekend - no kids or husbands allowed!!! A whole weekend devoted to scrapping, can you imagine? Heck if I only do a page or two I will be happy. I will be seeing some people I have met before but a lot will be a first...It will be great to put faces to names. Busy around here, kids start Basketball tomorrow and swimming lessons next week! With this yucky weather (cold & snow) it will be great to have some activities to keep us moving. Lots to do to get ready for next weekend, and lots to do just to keep up with the kids & house!

Been too long....

I can't believe that I have not posted here all summer - and now summer is over. Summer was filled with driving to the lake for weekends, working and hanging out with the kids and my parents then home to work at the store Tuesday & Wednesdays. It was hectic and crazy and the summer was over way to fast. Now we are trying to get back in routine but that has been hard since September started off hot hot hot! And it also included a garage sale and me putting out my back. I miss scrapbooking and hoping that my back smartens up so I can get back to it. I will be getting a new scrapping room soon - just need to paint and then put together my new desk!!! Should be exciting! Kids are enjoying being back at school and the house seems busier then ever! Picture of kids at Boo At The PArk
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Long weekend is over already??

Where did the weekend go anyways? It passed much to fast as far as I am concerned. On Saturday we celebrated the one year anniversary of our store - it was amazing! We had cake, Tim Horton's coffee and a lot of fun!!! We then raced up to the lake to enjoy what was left of the weekend. Sunday was cool so we just relaxed and took it easy. Monday we went fishing and it was hot! Yep and me without my sunscreen - I am so burnt! But the best part of the weekend was when Nicolas caught his first fish! Well I guess he caught it - it was so big that Dad and Grandpa had to take over and bring the fella in! After some snaps we let him go back to his family. We ended the weekend with coming home and heading off to soccer. WHEW..........When is the next long weekend?

It's Been a While

I have not updated this in a while, life just gets so busy that some things get left behind and this has been one of them. The boys are enjoying have Mom & Dad (grandma & grandpa) back home, they are loving going to the lake again! Thank goodness the weather has been amazing and they can spend so much time in the great outdoors. We had a great Easter at the lake, the Easter bunny was good to the boys and we had the most beautiful weather I can ever remember. I went to Winnipeg yesterday with Mom and Dad. We had a great day!


I am trying to get this house in order for my parents but this darn computer keeps calling to me!! My scrap area is pretty clean for a change - makes me want to play and mess it all up. But alas, there is no time. Next week for sure! Well better get back to it. Here is a layout I did in Calgary, still think it needs more though!

So excited!

Mom and Dad are on the road home!!!! The boys and I are so excited and counting down is now down to hours and no longer months, weeks or days!!! We are hoping they will be here by supper tomorrow, weather permitting!

Back from Calgary!

Deb and I (and some other friends) headed down to Calgary this part weekend for a retailers event that we were invited to as being one of our wholesalers top vendors.
We had the most amazing time - we got to see yummy new products, take some classes from our favorite scrapbooking compaines and even got spoiled with some new goodies!!!
Made this is in our Making Memories class!
Deb doing a Make n' Take with a cool new tool from Making Memories.

Good day!

I scrapped last night - found some old photos from 4 years ago and the layout came together rather nicely! I like when that happens - maybe my scrapping MOJO is back? We had parent-teacher this morning, so great! The teachers love the boys and everything I heard was praise, makes me wonder who raised these smart boys! After that we went and got the boys hair cut - finally!!! Nic was a little nervous because the man cutting his hair had tons of tattoos but he was very nice and did a great job. We met Dad for lunch - which was an added bonus! So all and all it has been a good day!!!

Altering photos!

I love to alter pictures - especially to turn a picture black & white and then bring out certain colors! This picture is my new favorite - can't wait to scrap it!!! And for once I can actually use some flowers on my layout!!! WOOHOO!!!!

So you had a bad day?

I had a bad day on Monday - you know one of those where everything seems to go wrong! Nothing tragic just annoying little things! But Tuesday was so much better - a friend came to town brought me flowers and coffee! The two best smells in the world! Then we just bummed around all day - it was great! I took some pictures of the flowers and of course Nic could not stand me taking pictures without him being included! We had swimming lessons too - Nic did great and had fun! What a little fish he is! So yes Tuesday more then made up for Monday! Here is hoping the rest of the week continues to be good!

I finally scrapped!!!!

It feels so good to actually scrapbook again - even if it is just one layout! Life has become so busy finding the time to actually sit down and work on my own stuff has just been so hard. So even though it is just one layout I am thrilled!!!! I need to make a commitment to take some time each week to scrapbook - even if it means the laundry gets put on hold or the dishes sit a little bit longer!

Great movie!

Aidan and I went to see Eight Below this afternoon and we both were very impressed! It was one of those movies that makes you smile and also was filled with lots of action, suspense and laughs. Aidan and Mom give it 4 thumbs up!!! Other then that it has been a busy weekend yet again. Mike is feeling better and I was busy this weekend teaching a group of ladies from Deloraine all that has changed and evolved with scrapbooking. Looking forward to a mildly calm week ahead.

Pajama Day!!!!

Pajama Day at school today! The boys had a great day wearing their PJ's to school - I was very impressed that the teachers particiapted in this too! Nicolas was back at school today and you would never know the boy was sick over the weekend! The sun is shinning today and much warmer.

Dad is home

Dad is home! We are glad that Dad is back home with us - even better he was home in time for all of us to watch Survivor together! Fun weekend planned - friends coming in from out of town and we have lots going on! It is freezing here!!! -38 this morning, YUCK!!!!! Way to cold! WE ARE DREAMING OF SUMMER!!!!

Valentine's Day!

The boys had a great Valentine's Day and a busy one too! For Aidan's class party they went skating and even though Aidan didn't have skates he has fun sliding on his boots and laying in the snow. He got a lot of Valentine's from his friends! For Nicolas' class party they class went to Mrs.McCurry's farm where they went for a sleigh ride. Nic's favorite party though was petting a chicken! He was so excited! He said, "Mom, I petted a real life chicken and he was alive!!!" After school Nic had swimming lessons, he did great! With Mike out of town we then went on to McDonald's for a romantic dinner! HA HA HA!!! The place was almost empty, the boys were thrilled because their friends were there and they played, screamed and had a blast!
After months of saying I would never blog here I am! This is a personal account of events for my scrapbooking mainly. It seems lately as my life has become so busy that the memory is fading some. So this personal log is to help fill the holes!