Officially Fall

Well Fall has begun and even though I love getting out with my new camera and taking pictures of the stunning colors I don't like it! Fall is the gateway to the awful season.....winter. The only two things I like about winter is Christmas and there is more scrapbooking time. So since I have nothing positive to say here are some pictures I took last week...


Been a long time between posts - but with good reason. Time has gotten away from me as I have been busy juggling two jobs, two kids and everything in between. It is kind of nice that the kids are back to school and we are getting back to old routines but one more week of summer vacation would have been nice! So although I have been very busy there is not a lot of news to update you on, kids are great, husband is great and I am great. There is my update! And I will try and post more often........remember I said try!