The boys had their visit with Santa this past Friday and they gave them their wish lists and posed for a picture. Aidan did not want to go see him but after a long discussion I finally "nagged" him enough to get up there. I was pretty happy with how the pictured turned out.
We put up our Christmas tree today - took a long time but it looks great. Finally getting into the Christmas spirit!
Well seems like our warm weather is fading and winter is finally arriving. The wind is freezing and looks like sleet and snow on the way. I guess we knew it couldn't last forever! We had parent-teacher interviews last week and the boys both seem to be doing very well so far. The teachers really enjoy them and their work is great. It is so neat seeing Nicolas start to read and Aidan is such a whiz with the math. Tomorrow the boys are going for hair cuts and then it is off for a visit with Santa. Decided to do it early this year rather then waiting for the last minute. They have another in service from school tomorrow. Watched Survivor tonight and we were all cheering at the results, finally getting into the show! Trying to decide what to do with my Sizzix Machine and Alphabet dies right now. I would really like to sell them so I could invest in a cricut machine. Not sure if I should go through ebay or see if any friends would like to buy it? Will have to see if there is any interest out there! Well that is our life - school, work, TV, basketball, and just general running around! Have a great day! Here is my new favorite layout!

For my DAD

Here is a picture of the boys this morning.........
And look what we got.....
We went to Winnipeg last weekend to celebrate Mikes Moms' 60th Birthday and his Grandma's 90th! We were also able to sneak in a bit of Christmas shopping. You would have thought it was the week before Christmas rather then the first weekend of November, the stores were crazy! We were able to get a few gifts and had a great celebratory Birthday dinner at Olive Garden. The weekend passed by fast!
This is what I made for the Birthday girls.

Halloween is Over

Well another Halloween has come and gone and what do we have to show for it....CANDY! So much candy that it will probably last until Easter. I guess because it was so cold here and less kids around people were like us and handing out handfuls of candy rather then a few pieces. The boys had an awesome day, parties at school and trick or treating with their friends. To bad though it was so cold and there was snow on the ground. So now it is time to get ready for Christmas!!!!