We celebrated Nic's 7th birthday yesterday and answered a burning question - you can NOT fit 12 kids in our tiny house! We did not realize that 99% of the kids (including our own) would not want to watch the movie that we rented. So the party consisted of kids running in every direction and lots of screaming!!! We learned our lesson and next year Ruckers here we come!! Ready to party! For the boy that does not like Birthday Cake:
We are back from holidays and trying to get back into the "swing" of things. A little hard to do after being spoiled for 2 weeks. Had a wonderful time at my parents, the weather was great and despite the kids being sick a day or two all was well. Who could go wrong with a personal chef (my Dad) and a personal shopper (my Mom)?
So now it is time to get back to reality, work, housework, errands, school, and COLD weather!
Here are a few pictures from our trip: