Well I guess the holidays are coming, there is snow on the ground, lights on houses and carols played in every store you go to. I am not sure if I am ready for the holidays just yet, give me a week or two! So here is a layout I did from the holiday that just passed.

One more card

Here is another one.....

Another Card

Yes I am card crazy lately, I just can't help myself!!! So here is another one....
Sorry for blurry picture!


Who knew how hard it would be to take a picture of Nic with his newly lost tooth?? Open your eyes, smile with your teeth and look at me. Well it was not that easy. More then half the pictures I took his eyes were closed or his mouth was closed, or both were closed....what good is that???? This was his first tooth that he lost on his own, the bottom two came out via the dentist. He was very happy that the tooth fairy left him a toonie and very confused about why she left inside his pillowcase. Okay, maybe she had a bad day and was VERY tired!!! Give the lady a break! Anyways here is the best picture I got, and yes this was truly the best I got. UGH!


So the kids have been homesick but who can blame them? Nic has also been saving his money for a pet fish so we told him we would help him out and split the cost. Aidan decided he would like a dwarf hamster. Hopefully they will help ease the homesickness a bit.
Here they are.....


Halloween Highlights

So Halloween came and we were sure shocked at the turn out at the door. Going from our usual 150 kids in Brandon and running out of candy to 28 kids and so much candy left over it could put put a whole school of kids into a sugar coma! Thankfully Mike's sister is a teacher and we passed some treats on to her for her class. Anyways here are some pictures from the night....