Times they are a changing

Boy it sure has been an interesting start to 2008, I guess the best word to describe it is change. I don't like change at all but most of these changes are 100% awesome!!! I left my job at the start of the year and then a month after that Mike got a great promotion and we are moving! We are not just moving we are going home! Can't wait! Of course there are some down sides like the boys leaving their friends and school and me moving away from my best friend Shar. These things will be hard to deal with but we will try to get through them the best we can. As long as the four of us are together we can get through anything!
On another positive note a friend of mine opened up a LSS (local scrapbook store - for you non-scrappers) on 18th street! It is call Scrapbooking at Shelley's and is awesome!!! Nice and open, awesome stock and such a great positive atmosphere! You must check it out!!!!

Nicolas turned 8

Nic turned eight this past weekend! WOW!
Where did the time go?
He had a fun sleepover party with his friends, and his
Baba and Gido came to visit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!