It's Been a While

I have not updated this in a while, life just gets so busy that some things get left behind and this has been one of them. The boys are enjoying have Mom & Dad (grandma & grandpa) back home, they are loving going to the lake again! Thank goodness the weather has been amazing and they can spend so much time in the great outdoors. We had a great Easter at the lake, the Easter bunny was good to the boys and we had the most beautiful weather I can ever remember. I went to Winnipeg yesterday with Mom and Dad. We had a great day!


I am trying to get this house in order for my parents but this darn computer keeps calling to me!! My scrap area is pretty clean for a change - makes me want to play and mess it all up. But alas, there is no time. Next week for sure! Well better get back to it. Here is a layout I did in Calgary, still think it needs more though!

So excited!

Mom and Dad are on the road home!!!! The boys and I are so excited and counting down is now down to hours and no longer months, weeks or days!!! We are hoping they will be here by supper tomorrow, weather permitting!