My Favorite things...

Some of my favorite things right now are:
My new scrapbook room - it is beautiful!
Watching the kids at swimming lessons.
Ipod - who knew these were so cool?? Obviously not me!
Wok Bok, so yummy!!!!!
Grey's Anatomy, well it has been on my list for a while. (and will likely stay for a long time)
My new haircut.
Yogurt - french vanilla!
Diet Caffeine free Coke.

Back from weekend!

What an awesome scrap filled weekend I had! WHEW!!! I am completely exhausted, but in a good way! I met some awesome people, scrapped and laughed a lot! The food at the crop was amazing and I was so fortunate that our crop host opened her home to me! (more money to spend on scrapping and less on a hotel - always a good thing!) So I completed 6 layouts, did a great Make N' Take and took an fantastic class where I finally got the whole mod podge thing! The best thing about a crop - being with other people that share the same passion for scrapbooking. I was struggling with this layout (above) and Corrine walked by my table and helped me! I was so happy for the input and the results of the layout! Thanks Corrine. Big thanks to Lori, Paul, Chantel, Bonnie, Sandy & Zero!!! They worked so very hard to make the weekend fun for all of us and they did an awesome job!!!! Posted by Picasa

Hair Cut, Trampoline & Swimming

Been an eventful week around here - well eventful for us! I cut my hair really short! It helped that my hairdresser had hers completely shaved, made mine seem less dramatic! (she shaved hers for charity) I am really liking my new do - and no complaints from the family so all is well. The boys began swimming lessons this week, they are really happy to be back in the pool! Aidan is a little sad that he is in a class with all girls though! Poor boy! Last night while at a friends house Aidan fell off their trampoline, on to cement! They had a protective net - leave it to my kid to fall through a small slit!!! He is pretty sore today so he is home from school with me, hopefully he will heal quickly. I am leaving for my crop tomorrow and so excited - I do fear that I will get there and get scrappers block though! I must try and relax and go with the flow!
Thanksgiving is over and my parents have left - very sad! Time goes so fast and you do not realize until it is much to late. The weather has turned from a nice fall to cold & blustery, not fun. So excited about a crop I am going to next weekend - no kids or husbands allowed!!! A whole weekend devoted to scrapping, can you imagine? Heck if I only do a page or two I will be happy. I will be seeing some people I have met before but a lot will be a first...It will be great to put faces to names. Busy around here, kids start Basketball tomorrow and swimming lessons next week! With this yucky weather (cold & snow) it will be great to have some activities to keep us moving. Lots to do to get ready for next weekend, and lots to do just to keep up with the kids & house!