So as most of you know I am a passionate scrapbooker, and a passionate scrapbook shopper! Well I am on a spending freeze from scrapbooking supplies, thank you new furnace, and trying to use up all the stash I have collected over the years. I am actually having fun and getting some pages done!
Now I need to pull out the camera and start snapping some more pictures so I can scrapbook so me more!

Please Stand By.....

Trying to update and change my blog a bit.....having a little trouble! Gotta love computers!!! Please Stand by while I try and fix some problems! And if anyone out there knows a lot about Blog html's could you please help me???!!!!

Place Cards

I made place cards for our table on Christmas this year. I got the idea after my Mom & Dad sent me the place card holders. They are not very really Christmas themed but they fit our style perfectly. I loved how they turned out! (you can click on the picture to see it bigger)

Fresh Start for the New Year

The New Year did not start out exactly as planned for me but things are looking up. I decided that it was time to take my life in another direction and have left my job at Paperbag Scrapbooking. This was a good decision but I will truly miss all the friends that I have made there and hope that I can keep in touch with you all. I have some great prospects coming up and I am very excited about where these new opportunities will take me! Please fell free to call or email me anytime. I am always looking for a good crop party or interested in grabbing coffee!!!!! Amber