Great movie!

Aidan and I went to see Eight Below this afternoon and we both were very impressed! It was one of those movies that makes you smile and also was filled with lots of action, suspense and laughs. Aidan and Mom give it 4 thumbs up!!! Other then that it has been a busy weekend yet again. Mike is feeling better and I was busy this weekend teaching a group of ladies from Deloraine all that has changed and evolved with scrapbooking. Looking forward to a mildly calm week ahead.

Pajama Day!!!!

Pajama Day at school today! The boys had a great day wearing their PJ's to school - I was very impressed that the teachers particiapted in this too! Nicolas was back at school today and you would never know the boy was sick over the weekend! The sun is shinning today and much warmer.

Dad is home

Dad is home! We are glad that Dad is back home with us - even better he was home in time for all of us to watch Survivor together! Fun weekend planned - friends coming in from out of town and we have lots going on! It is freezing here!!! -38 this morning, YUCK!!!!! Way to cold! WE ARE DREAMING OF SUMMER!!!!

Valentine's Day!

The boys had a great Valentine's Day and a busy one too! For Aidan's class party they went skating and even though Aidan didn't have skates he has fun sliding on his boots and laying in the snow. He got a lot of Valentine's from his friends! For Nicolas' class party they class went to Mrs.McCurry's farm where they went for a sleigh ride. Nic's favorite party though was petting a chicken! He was so excited! He said, "Mom, I petted a real life chicken and he was alive!!!" After school Nic had swimming lessons, he did great! With Mike out of town we then went on to McDonald's for a romantic dinner! HA HA HA!!! The place was almost empty, the boys were thrilled because their friends were there and they played, screamed and had a blast!
After months of saying I would never blog here I am! This is a personal account of events for my scrapbooking mainly. It seems lately as my life has become so busy that the memory is fading some. So this personal log is to help fill the holes!